Our Team

Sonja Henderson- Founder, E.D., Artist

Janice Bond- Program Manager

Julie Norvaisas- Project Manager

Zahra Baker- Core Artist, Peace Circle Leader

Aniki Shanie- Horticultural Therapist

Colure Meridian Co.- Fiscal Agent

About Us

Mothers Healing Circle Inception

The Mothers Healing Circle (MHC) was founded in January of 2020 to help heal Lawndale Mother’s traumatic and violent loss of their children. Together, through rejuvenating workshops, storytelling, singing and yoga the Mothers have a sacred space to heal and disrupt the cycle of pain and suffering. The Mothers Healing Circle provides a safe in-person and virtual space for gathering, sisterhood, community, understanding and listening. This collective space for healing our Mothers is the first step in healing the family, community and nation.


The Mothers Healing Circle provides comfort, community and woman-centered art-based healing workshops.  Through high vibration holistic art and mindful practices, MHC offers support along with emotional and physical relief to Mothers who have limited resources including: food and water security, herbal and ancestral medicine, transportation, COVID-19, school and work supplies. Some of our Mothers are recovering from devastating illness and strokes due to their loss, the MHC also provides handicap accessible spaces, personal care, Uber/transportation and online options for our community with disabilities.


Our artists facilitate healing through weekly:

Guided Meditations for relaxation and connection to self.

Horticultural Therapy to teach self-care through the care and connection to plants and nature.

Movement and Yoga to ground the body and release tension.

Meditative Visual Arts to connect to spirit and heal trauma by focusing the mind and body.

Song and Storytelling to raise the overall vibration.

MHC also directly impacts BIPOC Mothers and communities with: weekly online healing Workshops, rejuvenating Self-Care Packages, fresh Produce Box deliveries to food deserts, Water Purification and Filtration Systems, Emergency COVID-19 supplies, Direct Deposits and more.




Colure Meridian Co.

1507 E. 53rd St. # 894,

Chicago, IL 60615

United States

MHC heals Mothers through meditative art practices like: sewing, weaving, yoga, journaling and printmaking.

MHC creates and distributes healing Self-Care Packages for those experiencing trauma.

MHC believes that healing trauma is a holistic endeavor using gardening and nutrition for wellness.

MHC uses singing, movement and the communion with nature to heal trauma and depression.

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